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Dog Training Whistles by CLIX

CLIX Dog Training Whistles; Professional, Silent, Multi-purpose, horn.

Why whistle? For many years whistles have been used as a successful way to train and control dogs, particularly when working at a distance from their handler.  Shepherds are able to deliver specific instructions quickly and effectively over a long distance with the use of a good whistle (imagine trying to make yourself heard on the Yorkshire Moors in a storm, if you only had your voice to rely upon!).  Similarly gundog trainers have long recognized the benefits of whistle over voice when working in thick cover or indeed open fields and farmland.  But whistle training does not have to be the domain of ‘professional’ handlers; many pet owners have also experienced the benefits of training their dog to a whistle.

CLIX Professional Whistle £6.99                                   CLIX Silent Whistle £3.99

CLIX professional dog whistle        CLIX silent whistle

CLIX Multi-Purpose Whistle £3.99                                 CLIX Horn Whistle £7.99

CLIX multi-purpose dog whistle        CLIX horn dog whistle

CLIX Dog Training Whistles from £3.99

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