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Trixie Water Dog Toy

Trixie Water Toy For Dogs £4.99

Trixie Water Toy Photo

This Toy is made of natural rubber and can be filled with water, which offers extra playing fun in summertime. For opening the flap use a sharp object (e. g. screwdriver), grab into the hole and lever the seal out. After filling up with water apply the seal again. The water leaks from tiny pores while the dog chews on it. For an extra refreshing kick simply freeze the dumbbell.

Trixie Water Toy £4.99 Size:

Please make sure you chose the correct size toy for the size of your Dogs jaw to avoid swallowing! The following measurements are approximate.

Length 12cm

Dog Water Toys

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Material: natural rubber;

Features: helps hydrate your dog during the summer months;

Weights: 120g;

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