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Rogz Fancy Dress Lead Collection

Rogz Fancy Dress Dog Lead from £5.99

Rogz Fancy Dress Dog Lead

Surf Gear for Surfer Dogz!!!

Woven edged super-fashion graphic ribbon stitched onto pure high grade nylon webbing with best quality urgonomic contoured plastic components including nickle-plated custom-branded die-cast rings incorporating Low Load Technology for safety in a package that somehow just stands out in the crowd.

Rogz Fancy Dress Lead from £5.99 in: Size:

Jellybean 1.8m/1.1cm is suitable for breed types Pom, Yorkie and Chihuhua or small Puppies!

Scooter 1.4m/1.6cm is suitable for breed types Terrier, Jack Russell, Scotty and Pug

Beach Bum 1.4m/2cm is suitable for breed types Dalmation, Spaniel, Boxer, Doberman.

Armed Response 1.2m/2.5cm is suitable for breed types Rottweiler, Great Dane, German Shepherd, Labrador.

Special Agent 0.5m/4cm is suitable for breed types St. Bernard, Bulldog, German Shepherd, Bouvier.

(The above information is as a guide only, please measure your dog before ordering)

Please note that the length of the new Scooter, Beach Bum and Armed response leads have changed to a fixed length of 1.8m. If you require a specific length then please contact us before ordering to check on the lengths we have available!

Material: pure high grade nylon


Weights: Jellybean (60g); Scooter (70g); Beach Bum (120g); Armed Response (140g); Special Agent (140g);

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