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Puppia Spring Collection

Puppia Spring Harness £16.50

Puppia Spring Harness

This Puppia soft harness has been designed to provide the ultimate in comfort for your dog. It is made from a light-weight soft sporting material and is perfect for training new puppies or for walking dogs that like to pull on the lead. It spreads the weight evenly accross their chest and avoids damaging their delicate necks.

Puppia Spring Harness £16.50

To determine which size harness your dog requires refer to the measurements below and then measure your dogs neck girth, chest girth and then between the neck and base of the tail.

Small: 25cm 32~42cm 9Cm ; suitable for puppy, chihuahua

Medium 29cm 36~48cm 11Cm ; suitable for Yorkie, King Charles Cavalier

Large 33cm 46~58cm 12Cm ; suitable for Westie, Spaniel

Puppia Spring Dog Lead

Puppia Spring Dog Lead >>


Features: Comfortable harness for small dogs;

Weights: Small (60g); Medium (75g); Large (90g);

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