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Advice on Dogs - Dog Stores Advice Section for Dog Owners

Welcome to Dog Stores advice on dogs section of the website providing information and help to Dog owners and those considering owning a Dog. From Puppy Advice to dog breed information, dog training to dog grooming, we hope you will find the information here useful. All advice given is as a guide only some of which is based on personal experience rather than any particular science so if you are unsure or require further clarification we suggest that you seek the advice of a professional such as a vet, trainer or dog psychologist if necessary.

Please note this page is very much under development and some guides are not yet available, however, we are working on all of them so keep checking back!.


  • Responsible Dog Ownership and how it affects all of us

Puppy Advice

DOG HEALTH & BEhaviour Information

  • How do I know if my Dog is Ill?
  • Dog Aggression
  • Dog Parasites (e.g Fleas, Ticks, Worms, Mites)
  • Breed Specific Diseases
  • Dog Vaccinations
  • Dog Weight Guides and Advice on Obesity
  • Anatomy of the Dog
  • Dog First Aid
  • Dogs at Christmas

Guide to Dog TRAINING

  • Walkies
  • Sit, stay, lie down etc
  • Tricks
  • Bite inhibition!!!
  • Good grooming habits
  • Toilet training


  • Dog Grooming - General Advice
  • Dog Grooming - Breed specific advice
  • What to look for in a professional groomer and the questions you should ask!


  • How the Domestic Dog Evolved
  • Pack Mentality and Canine Instinct

Kenneling your Dog

  • What you need to know and should look for when kenneling your Dog
  • Kennel Cough


  • Understanding the Pet passport scheme, the advantages and disadvantages to be considered!
  • Dog Years <> Human Years
  • Dog Breed Information
  • Pedigree or Cross?
  • Puppy or Rescue?

Dog Store Buying Guides

  • Nylon or Leather?
  • What grooming gear do I need for my Dog
  • How to measure your Dog for a harness, collar or lead.
  • What Toys are best suited to my Dog


  • Do Dogs look like their owners?

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