Dog Store is a new entity specialising in accessories just for Dog's! Currently, we only sell within the UK!


Two reasons:

First.......for the love of the breed! The Canis lupus familiaris breed types of course!

Secondly. As a nation of animal lovers who are particularly passionate about Dog’s, WHY is the availability of products for our K9 friends so LIMITED and BORING.  For 2 years now I have been looking for specific products for my own Dog and variety, size, quality and uniqueness has been a major issue, not to mention the price. 

Fed up and bored of settling for second best, I decided to start my own online business selling products JUST FOR DOGS.

We want to concentrate specifically on quality and innovation and try to sell just about everything we can for dogs in just one place, the INTERNET.  Such an aspiration will take time to establish and needs to be fuelled by you, the customer. So please bear with us as we continue to add new products and lines over the coming year.

If you are unable to find exactly what you are looking for then please contact us (info@dog-store.co.uk) and let us know, maybe we can help!


We have got some exciting plans for Dog Store over the coming year so please check back regularly to see what they are or sign up for news below:

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Thanks for visting the site! We look forward to you visiting us again.